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Windows Replacement & Repairs in Amarillo, TX



Many Potter County, TX homeowners don’t think about their windows until something inevitably goes wrong with them. Well waiting for your windows to fall apart is never advisable says Texas Residential Roofing in Amarillo, TX. Because by the time that you notice there is mold on your window sill, that the glass is cloudy, and that their efficiency is not up to par, you might have exceeded the recommended timeframe for professional window installation.

But do not despair, even if your windows have seen better days, Texas Residential Roofing window installation is possible at any replacement level. New windows add efficiency, comfort, visual appeal, all while adding value to your Amarillo, TX home. But that’s not all. Here are some benefits of having our professional window installations.


Saves Money

New windows from Texas Residential Roofing save you money on heating and cooling bills. Plus, if there was any doubt, they are one of the top features for adding equity back into your Potter County, TX home alongside new doors and roofs. Replace those old windows today, and see the difference.

Increase Property Value

Your Amarillo, TX home’s value will climb after you install new windows. For those who want to eventually sell their home, Texas Residential Roofing replacement windows are like a diamond in the rough. Combine new windows with a new door, and your home’s value will soar.

Reduce Noise

If you want to block out outdoor noise in Potter County, TX, replacement windows are your new best friend. Texas Residential Roofing modern replacement windows keep sound out, even on the noisiest days. Live near a high traffic area? Are neighborhood kids making a ruckus? You’ll never know when you have new windows installed.

Saves Energy

Replacing your windows may be one of the most cost effective home improvements you can make in Amarillo, TX. Well insulated windows keep extreme outdoor conditions from affecting your indoor heating and cooling system. Texas Residential Roofing offers the innovative and energy saving choices designed for specific climates. Our multi paned glass is insulated and protects from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

UV Protection

Most people in Potter County, TX love having natural light in the home, but excessive ultraviolet rays can cause fading in your home’s interior. Protect your home’s walls, floors, and furnishings by choosing Texas Residential Roofing windows that have insulated double pane or triple pane glass with argon that provides added protection from UV rays.

Replacing your existing windows with new quality windows that feature advanced designs will increase sustainability in Amarillo, TX. Look for easy clean features, durability, and quality construction. Texas Residential Roofing offers innovative designs like between the glass blinds, shades or grills not only contribute to less time spent cleaning, they can also reduce dust and allergens in your home.


Quality windows and doors from Texas Residential Roofing are available with glass options that can increase the safety and security of your Potter County, TX home. Tempered glass is less likely to cause injury when accidentally broken, as it is designed to break into small granular chunks instead of splintering into jagged shards. Laminated glass has a polymer interlayer that holds the glass together if shattered offering added protection from potential intruders.

Reduce outside noise by installing high quality windows with noise reducing glass options such as Texas Residential Roofing’s laminated, triple pane or sound control glass. While replacing your windows can reduce energy costs and increase security, the style, color, and material can also benefit your Amarillo, TX home. New and improved windows can boost your home’s curb appeal, adding visual interest and can help increase your home’s overall value.

Window replacement projects can return Potter County, TX homeowners a large majority of the project costs upon resale. When buying new windows for your home, you will want to keep in mind aesthetics, function, and protection from hot and cold weather. Energy star certified windows from Texas Residential Roofingwill help keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.


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