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We only use top-quality roofing materials to maximize the life expectancy of your new roof.

Siding Replacement & Repairs in Amarillo, TX



You may look for every excuse to not get new siding. It is an expensive process, but Texas Residential Roofing can tell you that there are a lot of benefits to getting new siding. New siding offers better protection to your Potter County, TX home than old siding. Old siding can have cracks and chips that allow moisture to get into your home. This can cause major structural issues. New siding benefits your home because it gives you a chance to fix and stop structural damage.

Less Paint with Texas Residential Roofing siding in Amarillo, TX. New siding is also beneficial because it will hold its paint job better. Even better than needing to paint less often, some new siding requires no painting. In the long run, you’re going to be saving money and time on paint.


Texas Residential Roofing can also tell you about how new siding makes your Potter County, TX home more efficient. If you’ve already replaced the windows, added more attic insulation and fixed your roof, you may have to look at replacing your siding. Siding is also an insulator. Good siding will help keep the inside temperatures in and the outside temperatures out.

New siding from Texas Residential Roofing is a benefit to your home because it can give you peace of mind. When you always put off getting new siding, you might start to have a few worries. What are you going to find under that old junky siding? Is the structure of your home still good? When you replace it, you’ll know. A great majority of Amarillo, TX homes feature some sort of siding material, because siding is much less expensive to install.

Texas Residential Roofing fiber cement combines the best of enduring natural materials and new technology into an innovative siding material that resists rotting or cracking and weather damage from rain and hail in Amarillo, TX. Fiber cement planks are also an extremely realistic substitute for painted wood, but will not be damaged by fire, termites and other natural hazards. Cedar siding’s natural insulative properties make it a great siding material too. It’s also resistant to decay and insect damage, and can give a home an attractive rustic appearance when desired.

Vinyl siding is by far the most popular siding material Texas Residential Roofing installs, and for good reason. It’s hard to beat vinyl for sheer durability, low maintenance and affordability. Unlike wood, vinyl won’t be fazed by moisture, termites, dents or scratches, nor will it ever need painting. In addition to all the features of traditional vinyl siding, insulated vinyl features a rigid foam backing that increases a home’s energy efficiency. Another benefit is its ability to minimize exterior noise in Potter County, TX from traffic to animals and more.

Texas Residential Roofing would be happy to help you determine which siding material best complements your budget and the style of your home with these benefits:


Enhances Curb Appeal

Manufactured with the color going all the way through, the panels look beautiful up close and from far away. It won’t peel, flake, chip, or show scratches.

Retains Lasting Color

Since the color goes all the way through the material, it won’t fade or dim over time. Over 300 vinyl siding colors meet or exceed industry performance test standards for color retention.

Huge Selection of Styles, Colors, Trim, and Accessories

Vinyl siding offers an extensive variety of options to personalize your home. Choose from a wide range of trim, styles, textures, shapes, and decorative accessories for your windows, doors, and so on.


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